When the time comes for your stove or fireplace installation in your North Idaho home or office, it is important that an  installation team completes all essential activity properly.  At the Stove Corral we work with our parent company, High Mark Heating & Cooling for any project you’d like us to install.  All our installation jobs are permitted and inspected by the appropriate city or state inspector.  We use an installation checklist so that our customers can rest assured that we have taken care of every detail.  And, we diligently observe the checklist before, during, and after installation so no area is overlooked and you have a successful start up of your new stove or fireplace.

Free Installation Estimates

The Stove Corral and High Mark Heating & Cooling co-owners, Tim McConnell & Matt McArthur, bring you nearly 50 years of experience in all aspects of HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance in North Idaho.  Contact us today for a free estimate on a new fireplace or stove installation.  Pursuant to a site survey, our professional Project Estimator will provide a no-charge bid or proposal for most projects.  You can expect your free estimate typically within 5 business days.

We Work With Your Builder

We will work directly with your building contractor throughout the entire process and construction or re-model of your North Idaho home.  From ordering of the equipment, to delivery, to set up, installation, and start up.  All the while making sure (together) we are in code compliance, have the proper permits and city or state required inspections.  If you have any questions about this process contact your builder or us directly as it relates to your heating, cooling, ventilation, and fireplace or stove systems.  Be sure to let us know who your builder is when you come in to shop at our showroom in Ponderay.  We look forward to meeting you!

DIY Installation? – There are a lot of smart, resourceful, and self reliant people here in North Idaho.  When considering doing a stove or fireplace installation project yourself please keep in mind the following things:

    • Most manufacturers require their appliance be installed by a qualified technician in order to keep your equipment under warranty.
    • In addition, most manufacturers, require your appliance be maintained in accordance with the instructions in the Owner’s Manual.  Any alteration, willful abuse, accident, neglect, or misuse of the product could nullify the warranty.
    • Having a qualified, certified technician install and maintain your free standing stove or fireplace will give you peace of mind and keep your product under warranty.
    • Without expert ventilation, you could be out of code but more importantly risking the health of your family.
    • Lastly, most installations are work and take more than one person, so we encourage you not to “Do It Yourself” but turn to the experts at the Stove Corral and High Mark Heating & Cooling.

Each Part Affects the Whole

Proper installation can make a huge difference in comfort, efficiency and energy savings. It is also important to the life of your heater.  With our experience, quality products, knowledge, and by following a checklist during every installation, we can guarantee that your new system will operate at its peak level for your comfort and safety. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Sandpoint and it’s surrounding communities in Bonner County are your home and our home.  Like family, we value our relationships and your trust.  We stand behind our work and the factory warranties.  We will always try to achieve your 100% satisfaction with our work – Whatever it takes!