We Offer Financing!

We Offer Financing!

Adding or replacing your HVAC/Hearth appliance can be costly but sometimes necessary. We can help with our flexible financing solutions. Explore your options by pre-qualifying today with no effect on your credit score! Just scan the QR code below or click on this...


Come visit our showroom – All new 2020 approved freestanding stoves on display now.  We are located at located at 78 McNearney Rd., Ponderay, ID along the East side of the park directly behind the Panhandle Animal Shelter.  


Q #1 – How can I tell if the combustor is working? – Take a look at what’s coming out of your chimney. If it is working you’ll see some white vapor that dissipates quickly, and little or no gray/brown smoke.


Q #2 – What does the catalytic combustor do? – It burns smoke by cutting in half the temperature at which the smoke will ignite. This can generate 50% more useful heat while reducing pollutants up to 90% or more.


Burn Dry Firewood to SAVE MONEY and your HEALTH. Wet wood can create excessive smoke which is wasted fuel.  Moisture meters that allow you to test the moisture level in wood are available in all sizes and can cost as little as $20.00.  Properly dried wood should have...


Burn the RIGHT wood, the RIGHT way, in the RIGHT appliance. 1.  Save money and time.  Burn only dry, fully seasoned wood and maintain a hot fire. 2.  Keep your home safer.  Have a certified technician install and annually inspect your appliance and chimney. 3.  Make...